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Outdoor Swim Review: Hebrides – Braighe Beach 2022 (Iain)

Braighe is an apt name for the beach as it means sandy strand in Gaelic. The sandy side of the beach is a fine sandy strand between two parts of the island.

You can swim on either side but normally the west side is calmer as it faces a protected bay.

Although when I visited (Sep 2022) it was the east side that was flat as a pancake.

The water temperature was 13C and the tide was fully in. Be careful when swimming that you don’t go too close to the shore there are posts sticking up from the beach that you can’t see when the tide is in. I hit one with my hand and it was sore!


Ease of Access: There are three car parks available. The middle one has toilets. It is only a 10 minute drive from Stornoway to the beach.

Water quality: The water quality is crystal clear and perfect for swimming although on a wild day it can get a bit sea weedy on the bay side.

Swim Quality: Cold. In December the temperature was 7C. I had a short swim in a circle. In the summer I’ve been here and swam the length of the beach.

Other People: Not a soul.

Would I go back: Yes. Its the easiest place to get to have a sea swim that is near my parent’s home in Stornoway. Normally one side of the beach will protected from any bad weather.

Film Friday – Dad & Twins vs Mum (Iain)

Film Friday is a weekly recommendation of one video to watch this weekend.

What happens when a top class mountain runner races his wife whilst he pushes his twins up a hill. Obviously he wins. He’s still a top class mountain runner!

I’d like to see him try this with us. He can push two 45 year old men up a hill. That would be a challenge.

Outdoor Swim Review – Loch Ard – Aug 2022 (Iain)

There are certain places that are perfect for doing swim/bike/run events that have just one major problem – no parking!

Loch Ard is on of those places. It would be amazing to have a triathlon here but there is so little parking available it would be impossible to have more than a handful of people attend it.

Instead of a proper race I decided to do my own triathlon here. I call it Myathlon.

Myathlon is virtual sprint triathlon where you choose your own course. It comprise a 750m swim, a 20km bike ride and a 5 km run. You can do it anywhere you like.

I choose to do it at Loch Ard.

Even though I was here for 0900 there wasn’t much parking available at Kinlochard. People were already out swimming or using stand up paddle boards. Its a popular spot!

There are orange buoys in the water. i thought if i aimed for one and then another one that was slightly further our then that would be about 400m. I could then return the same way which would give me the swim distance.

The water was calm, the tempreture was about 15C and the swim was very enjoyable. Spotting the buoys was easy and it was a straightforward swim in nice conditions.


Ease of Access:

Rating: 2 out of 5.

It can be very busy at the weekend so get there early or park further away and then walk/bike to the start.

Water quality:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The water is pretty clear for a loch. The west end is pretty sheltered so there aren’t many waves even on a windy day

Swim Quality:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A good place to swim but it can be very busy so don’t expect to have it to yourself.

Other People:

Rating: 1 out of 5.

It can be very busy.

Would I go back: 

It is good for beginners and it is a great starting point for people who want to try outdoor swimming