Film Friday – A Day in the Life of Jonny Brownlee (Andrew)

The YouTube summary describes this video as:

“What does a day in the life of triathlon superstar Jonny Brownlee look like? Take a look at Jonny‚Äôs triathlon training, recovery, nutrition, relaxing at home and meet the dogs in this candid and unique view into his life in Yorkshire!”

What it should say is:

“Do you want to see how Jonny Brownlee hangs his wetsuit, does his washing and how he keeps his trainers in the back of his car? Take a look at Jonny’s non-glamorous triathlon training in this candid and unique view in his life in Yorkshire!”

A very good video to show what an average day looks like for a world champion who has to keep his kit in his car just like everyone else.

Film Friday – Stripey Hat Guy (Iain)

Film Friday is a weekly recommendation of one video to watch this weekend.

The only time I’ve ever seen a YouTuber in the flesh was in Strathblane. A man walked past me wearing a stripey hat. I turned to my wife and said “Do you know who that was? It was Stripey Hat Guy!”

She gave me a look that screamed seriously underwhelmed.

She doesn’t watch as much YouTube as I do.

Anyway, here is Stripey Hat Guy. He makes great videos about Scottish hills, trails and walks.