Toddman 2021 (Iain)

Toddman is the annual competition to decided who is the greatest Todd.

The entry requirement is simple. You have to be called Todd. Surname only. If you’re first name is Todd then you aren’t getting in.

This year, many Todd’s entered…actually just two. Andrew and I. Which guaranteed we would both finish on the podium.

Last year Andrew cheated his way onto the top spot ( This time I was determined I would be declared Toddman!

The route was a new improved Toddman route featuring an altered bike and swim course than the 2020 version.


We started with a 1km swim in Carron Valley Reservoir. There is no set route so I did some 200m laps back and forth until I hit the race distance. Even though Andrew started five minutes before me, I still finished before him.

I think our GPS watches have very different ideas about how far 1Km is. I’ve noticed even if I swim, bike or run right next to him we will often have very different distances logged.

But in this instance I’m sure my watch was 100% accurate and therefore I declare myself the winner of the Swim leg. 1-0 to Iain.


The new bike route comprises a climb of Crow Road and Tak Me Doon. Which we have renamed Todd Me Doon. The fastest to the top of both climbs would be declared Todd of the Mountains and he would be awarded the Polka Todd Jersey.

Andrew beat me to the top of both climbs.

BUT I let him win. I had a camera with me as I was filming the competition as we did it. Did Chris Froome have to film his own Tour De France wins? No! Someone did it for him. I lost all the time having to cycle slowly so that I could get Andrew in the shot. If I’d cycled at my normal pace he’d have been left behind and I wouldn’t have had any shots of him.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

I think, even though he came first, I should be declared the winner. 2-0 to Iain.


The last leg was an out and back run to the Summit of Meikle bin. I knew from the start of the run that I would win. Each time I pushed the pace a bit faster Andrew would struggle. I was feeling great so I was confident I’d outpace him at the end.

With 1KM to go. Andrew’s shoe lace came undoe. He claims he shouted at me “Hey, wait a sec, I need to tie my shoelace!”

All I heard him say was “Hey Champ, run on. You deserve the win. You truly are Toddman!”        

Who knows who was correct? All I can say is “I am Toddman !”

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