Toddman 2020 (Iain)

Peat & Diesel – Stornoway

In a previous post Andrew claims he won the inaugural Toddman extreme triathlon.


If Usain Bolt ran the wrong way around the track during the 100m race would he be Olympic champion? No, he would be disqualified. He has to follow the rules of the race and run the same way as everyone else.

If Mike Tyson knocked out the ref instead of his opponent during a heavyweight boxing match would he be the heavyweight boxer of the world? No, he would be disqualified. He has to follow the rules of the fight and only punch his opponent.

If Donald Trump rigged the US election would he be US President? Ummm…not all rule breaker get the punishment they deserve.

Andrew is the Trump of Toddman. The rule was very clear. To win he had to touch the “iconic gate” at Todholes car park.

This is the iconic gate from The Barkley Marathons

This is the gate at Todholes car park

Look at how iconic this gate is. It is green. Green is an iconic color. Tom Jones sung about the “green, green grass of home”, Glasgow Celtic wear green, the Grinch is green! It even looks like the iconic Barkley marathon gate. You couldn’t get a more iconic looking gate.

You probably didn’t even notice the one next to it because it is so un-iconic and boring. That is what @AndyRTodd touched. The fool!

I will see him in court!

Never a Toddman. Always a fraud.

The Toddman jersey will be mine.

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