Outdoor Swim Review: Bayble Beach, Isle of Lewis 2021(Iain)

I wrote about Bayble beach last year. https://twinbikerun.com/2020/06/29/outdoor-swim-review-bayble-beach-iain/

Nothing has changed since then 🙂

Although it has got a little bit busier. Previously, I did not see anyone swimming here but on my last couple of visits there has been at least one other group swimming.

Its a great sport for a quick dip within easy access of Stornoway.


Ease of Access: There is a car park next to the beach (by the pier)

Water quality: The water was clear and I could see a good distance under the water.

Swim Quality: 12C in August. You can swim from one beach to another just a few hundred meters away along the coast. The Pier blocks the worst of the waves. It was flat calm during my visit.

Other People: There was another couple of swimmers splashing about.

Would I go back: Yes. Nice spot for a swim and easy to access.

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