Outdoor Swim Review: The White Loch In Winter (Andrew)

Iain TwinBikeRun modelling this year’s must have open water accessory: frost bite

UPDATE APRIL 21 – Anyone swimming here should respect other users and the environment. Please treat the place respectfully. Do not park in the area reserved for the angling club and if its busy then swim somewhere else. There are lots of good options near Glasgow.

This looks like Summer but this photo was taken at the end of November and it was Disney movie weather – frozen! You could see frost on your hair as sweat froze on your forehead. Yet, with the blue sky, it at least looked good in the photos.

The White Loch is just outside Glasgow and you can find our previous reports here along with details on where to go and how to park.

White Loch – First Visit

White Loch – Where to Swim

For this addition I would add the following information.

What make it ideal for winter swimming? The entrance and car parking is right beside the road. This is important because as soon as you get out of the loch you can get back to your car in less than a minute. Or, if you prefer to hang around and have a cup of team while wrapped up warm, then there is a nice flat spot at the loch’s edge to set up camp.

What make it less than ideal for winter swimming? The car parking is right beside a relatively busy road. So, while you try and strip from boots, gloves, vest, wetsuit, hood and swim cap there will be plenty of people passing and looking at your papa smurf like body – bright blue. On the other hand, it does give you an incentive to get changed quickly and to duck into your car for a nice blast of the heater.

Any tips for swimming? Stick to the edge and, if you do get cold, you’ll never be too far from an easy to access shore.

Overall: A good location for a winter swim but don’t be fooled by the photo at the top – it doesn’t look like this on every other day of winter.

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