Outdoor Swim Review: The White Loch Revisted (Andrew)

UPDATE APRIL 21 – Anyone swimming here should respect other users and the environment. Please treat the place respectfully. Do not park in the area reserved for the angling club and if its busy then swim somewhere else. There are lots of good options near Glasgow.

Original Review – The White Loch looking a bit black

I’ve covered the White Loch before – see here – but as you’ll see, if you look back, it was less a review and more of a complaint about the weather. So, having been back a number of times, here’s the updated review….



Which is Glaswegian for really, really, unbelievably busy.

The White Loch is about five minutes drive from the southern edge of Newton Mearns and around 20 minutes drive from Shawlands. It is therefore within easy distance of around 200,000 people, all of whom are looking for somewhere to swim, which is great but… there will be times when you arrive and you’ll struggle to park. For parking see the previous review.

Water Quality

You might feel a slight sliminess after you swim but according to swim forums on Facebook that is due to peat and nothing to be alarmed about even if you might feel like the Creature of the White Loch Lagoon when you come out of the water.

Swim Quality

Excellent location for different lenghts of swims. If you just want a dip then a paddle round the entrance is nice and shallow. If you want to complete a full lap then it will be around 1000 – 1200 metres. You can aim for the opposite bank at 4, then a bright and obvious life buoy post at 2 then a wind turbine at 3 before coming back to the start.

I’m told that some people experience a slight pull in the water around the dam at 1 so keep away from it.

Other people

At least one person every time I’ve been. If it’s been sunny then I’ve seen 10 people here, including swimmers, paddle boarders, a canoe – and one dog swimming laps after it’s owner. It’s a busy place so…


Avoid. I want to swim here and find a car parking spot so don’t swim here too! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Outdoor Swim Review: The White Loch Revisted (Andrew)”

  1. Hi. I wonder if you would consider updating a few details on your two white loch posts. As you point out, the place is absolutely mobbed recently with swimmers/paddlers etc due to it being mentioned on wild swimming facebook groups. The loch is home to a private angling club and there are significant conflicts of interest as you might imagine. The main issue being the car park is private and for paying club members who maintain the loch and car park, who are now finding they are unable to park as it is so busy. I’m not sure who told you that the landowner is OK with people using it, but this is definitely not the case. There is space for a couple of cars to park opposite the gate. There is also space for one car to park at the gate at the top of the hill, as long as access is not blocked. The odd wild swimmer doesn’t cause problems providing they stay well away from anyone fishing, but it’s turned into a free for all recently with the car parking, littering, and erosion of paths and banks. It’s really frustrating to see what was once a pristine and peaceful spot be trashed in this way. Thanks.


    1. I’m happy to update the entries. I too remember when it was a quiet spot. I think the increase in usage is a reflection of the popularity of wild swimming (and closure of pools) in the last year. I’ve seen similar issues in other spots that are near to Glasgow. Unfortunately I’m not sure the best way to mange it but I’ll make sure we put warnings on any future reviews to state that people swim respectfully and responsibly.


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