How to Run 100 Miles in Seven Days – Day 2 (Iain)

Run 2 complete – 18 miles. Only 66 to go!

The Start

Andrew previously discussed the run every street challenge here: Run Every Street.

I attempted here and its fair to say I underestimated the challenge. I thought it would be shorter and easier than it was.

This time I was mentally prepared. I realised I’d be seeing the same streets again and again as I crisscrossed Stornoway looking for elusive new streets and roads

I felt good after yesterday’s run, No aches or pains. I’d also done what many sportsman who doubt their ability do when faced with a problem. I threw money at it.

I’d bought a new pair of Hoka’s and used them on the run. The first run of any new shoe always feels amazing so I used it to my advantage and managed a long stint on the road.

Things I learnt today:

  • Garden Road has no gardens.
  • Percival Square is round.
  • Seaview terrace has lots of houses that can not see the sea.

Whoever names the streets in Stornoway enjoys a joke.

My legs started to ache towards the end of the run. I’ve done more miles in two days than I normally do in a week.

Only 66 miles to go.

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