How to Run 100 miles in Seven Days – Day 3 (Iain)

Run 3 complete – 14.8 miles. Only 51.2 miles to go!

Each day of the challenge I try to vary the running surface. 100 miles on just one type of surface would give me a injury. A mental injury. I’d be bored out of mind.

So, for this run, I varied the surface by running on a beach. The downside to this plan is time. I would cover more miles in less time on concrete than on a beach but I wouldn’t enjoy it as much. It is a balance of fun versus miles.

I choose Traigh Mhor beach which translates in English to ‘Big Beach’ Gaelic is quite a straightforward language when it comes to naming things.

Some exampes are:

Conic Hill: Cnoc Còinnich – ‘mossy hill’

Creachan Mòr: An Creachann Mòr – ‘the great bare rocky hilltop’

Meall Reamhar: – ‘hill of large circumference’

I wasn’t sure how long a length of the beach would be but but I fancied trying to do as many lengths of it as possible until I got bored. Although if I got bored of a beach with amazing views then that means I am bored with life itself.

I manged 4 laps which was about 15 miles. I started off slow as I was tired from the previous days log concrete run. Thankfully, I felt better as the run progressed. Lap one was awful but lap four was great.

The tide was in when I started but out on the last lap which meant I could visit the caves at the end of the beach. They are only accessible at low tide.

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