How to Run 100 Miles in Seven Days – Day 1 (Iain)

Run 1 complete – 16 miles. Only 84 to go!

To run 100 miles in a week I have to average 14.3 miles a day. Just over a half marathon length. I normally only run three or four half marathons a year so its a big ask to do seven in seven days.

My plan is to get some runs longer than 14.2 miles in at the start so I bank up some spare miles in case I need an easy day.

The Start

I started the run at 0730. I didn’t set off with a distance in mind. I also didn’t set off with any food, drink or my GPS watch! D’oh!

In my defense I had initially planned a run loop thinking I’d return to my car every few miles. But I didn’t stick to my plan! Double D’OH!

I decided to use a my patent pending running technique that always makes long runs easier – I call it the distraction technique! if I don’t have to think too much about running then I run better.

So I decided to give my self the challenge/distraction of videoing my run. This meant I was always thinking about

a) Why is it so difficult to talk to a camera when nobody else is there

b) Why is it even harder to talk to a camera when someone else is there

I think its fair to say talking to a camera is not a skill I possess. It will be interesting to see whether I get better at it as the week progresses.

I also had to set up my camera to record the run as it was taking place. This mean I would occasionally run, set up a camera, run away from the camera to get a running shot and then have to run all the way back to retrieve my camera.

No wonder Michael Palin does all his travel shows with someone else doing all the camera work! It is hard work!

I then had to run back and get my camera

I felt good on the run. The distraction technique meant my pace was slow and easy due to frequent stops to film. Which should mean I’m good to run again tomorrow.

The weather wasn’t great but it is Scotland in summer. Rain is guaranteed!

Why does it always rain on me?

The highlight of the run was spotting the stone painted to look like a rabbit. It is so good I thought at first it was a real rabbit.

Tomorrow the aim is to a similar distance but all on concrete. I’ll try to run as many streets in Stornoway as I can.

The route

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