Outdoor Swim Review: Carron Valley Revisted – April 2023 (Iain)

It had only been four weeks since my previous swim at Carron Valley https://twinbikerun.com/2023/03/08/outdoor-swim-review-carron-valley-revisted-january-2023-iain/

I said then that “I’ll try again next month once the temperature rises a few degrees.”

Thankfully the water temperature has increased. it was a more pleasant 9.9C. I had a quick dip and it was cold but not unpleasent. Hopefully next month I can do longer swims.

Check out the video to see what a swim in Carron Valley Reservoir is like.

Ease of Access: https://goo.gl/maps/vkcjfRm5cx6dYWt7A Park at the gate next to the loch. Its 10m to the waterside. 

Water quality: Warm and shallow at the edge of the loch but it can noticeably drop in temperature the further out you get. 

Swim Quality: Excellent. Lots of things to sight against. Water is choppy but that makes it more fun!

Other People: A couple of folk out walking and the odd car/cyclist going by. 

Would I go back: Yes. It’s my default swim location.