Celtman 2022 – Intro (Iain)

Celtman is my local extreme triathlon. It’s extreme because it’s colder, longer, hillier, windier and more jellyfishy than a normal triathlon.

I’m the one in the pink cap

You can see what I mean by watching this video

I was supposed to do the race back in 2020 but it was understandably cancelled as the jelly fish refused to socially distance from the swimmers. My place was deffered to 2021 but due to a family bereavement I didn’t have the time or motivation to go through with the race.

The organizers then announced a new Celtman race called Zero Point Five. A shorter less colder, less longer, less hillier, less windier but with the same amount of jellyfish than the big race. Lets call it baby Celtman.

It sounded great so I entered it. Then a few week later I won a place at big Celtman. I hadn’t planned on doing the big race, I had only entered to increase my chances of getting in at a later date.

The races were scheduled to be one week apart. How difficult could it be to do an extreme triathlon and then do another tough race a week later?

The fact the celtman zero point five number is tattered and broken is a visual spoiler of what happened…

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