Outdoor Swim Review: The White Loch Revisited 2022 (Andrew)

I’ve covered the White Loch before – see here – and for parking see this previous review. For 2022, I’d add that you should check which route you plan to use to drive to the White Loch. There’s a lot of road work in the south side including on the main roads at Giffnock and Newton Mearns (including access to the A77). On Saturday, there was a diversion in place which required an extra 25 minute drive so factor that into your plans before you go.

Water Quality

In previous years, I’ve mentioned that you might feel a slight sliminess after you swim. This is due to peat and nothing to be alarmed about even if you might feel like the Creature of the White Loch Lagoon when you come out of the water. Currently, the water is clear and I felt clean when I came out of the water.

Last year the loch was ‘closed’ due to a blue-green algae infestation. This can occur after a long period of warm weather. Check out the Southside Swimmers Facebook group for the latest updates to confirm if the loch is safe to swim.

Swim Quality

Excellent location for different lenghts of swims. If you just want a dip then a paddle round the entrance is nice and shallow. If you want to complete a full lap then it will be around 1000 – 1200 metres. You can aim for the opposite bank at 4, then a bright and obvious life buoy post at 2 then a wind turbine at 3 before coming back to the start.

I’m told that some people experience a slight pull in the water around the dam at 1 so keep away from it.

Other people

At least one person every time I’ve been. If it’s been sunny then I’ve seen 10 people here, including swimmers, paddle boarders, a canoe – and one dog swimming laps after it’s owner. It’s a busy place.


A great spot for a swim – but also a very well known one so expect to see other people particularly at weekends, evenings and if the weather is warm and sunny.

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