Outdoor Swim Review: Elie Beach – Winter 2022 (Iain)

Elie is a popular destination on the East Neuk of Fife. Its the sort of place men wear red trousers and think they look cool. Check out https://www.thegentlemansjournal.com/the-problem-with-men-in-red-trousers/ and http://lookatmyfuckingredtrousers.blogspot.com/ to learn more about this fashion faux pas.

I swim at Elie beach whenever i visit. The sea can be a little bit choppy if the wind is strong. But Earlsferry beach and Shell bay beach are very close by. When one beach is choppy, one of the others will be calm. Just pick and choose the one that matches the sea conditions you are comfortable with.

It was a beautiful day when I visited. The sea was cold (5C) so I didn’t go in for long but it was nice to have quick dip.

If you plan to swim here check the tide table https://tides.willyweather.co.uk/ta/fife/elie.html its a much nicer swim when the tide is high than low.

Ease of Access: The beach is easily accesible from anywhere in Elie. But be warned. The town (and parking) can be very busy on a nice day.

Water quality: I prefer it when its a high tide.

Swim Quality: Good. Swim from the pier to the beach if you fancy an interesting challenge.

Other People: It can be very, very busy.  

Would I go back: Yes. I go there on holiday allot so I’ll be back later in the year.