Outdoor Swim Review: Carron Valley – Aug 2021 (Iain)

I’ve previously written about swimming in Carron Valley Reservoir in winter https://twinbikerun.com/2020/12/05/outdoor-swim-review-carron-valley-winter-iain/

Carron valley is very close to my house which means I can finish work and be in the water 30 minutes later. At present (Aug 2021) the water temperature is perfect for swimming without a wet suit. It must be 18-20C.

Usually I’d see noone else here but this year has been much busier. There’s occasionaly another swimmer group present or a bunch of Paddle Boarders. What is the collective noun for Paddle Boarders? I’d suggest, due to the pumps they need, that they should be called a blowup of boarders.

The only downside to summer swimming it that the water is currently a little bit peaty. This leaves a slight residue on my skin. Which makes me feel very slimy. I normally throw water over myself, at the end of the swim, to wash it off.

It’s not as bad as the White Loch. After swimming there I come out feeling like Swamp Monster.

So, You're Dating a Swamp Monster – Five Tips for Survival – Eritas Daily
A picture of me at White Loch.


Ease of Access: https://goo.gl/maps/vkcjfRm5cx6dYWt7A Park at the gate next to the loch. Its 10m to the waterside. 

Water quality: The water level is low at the moment which means there is a rocky “beach” to walk across before you get to the water.

Swim Quality: Perfect. Nice flat calm water

Other People: Not a soul.

Would I go back: Yes. It’s my default swim location.