Rugged Run – The Callanish Stones (Iain)

The callanish stones are a collection of standing stones on the west coast of the Isle Of Lewis.

There are a number of guesses as to there purpose

Some people believe it was men “converted into stone by an ancient enchanter”

Some people believe it was site to worship aliens.

And some people believe it was were Boris Jonson sacrificed his soul for eternal damnation or as its commonly known….leadership of the Tory party.

If you you are any of these people then I have some magic beans I’d like to sell you as you’ll obviously believe anything.

In truth, no-on really knows what the purpose of them is. All you need to know is that they look cool.

If you do visit then get there early. They are best enjoyed in solitude rather than with a crowd of folk taking selfies.

The Broch is an ancient type of croft house. Its very impressive but its currently being repaired. Its looks more like a building site than an ancient home. My dad claims there is a secret tunnel in it but I’ve never found it. He also claims small dwarfs switch on the street lights at night. I’d take anything he says with a pinch of salt.

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