Campsie Sunset (Iain)

One of the features of Apple Airpod headphones is that they don’t require any wires to connect to an iPhone. I can be anywhere from 30ft to 100ft away from my phone and still listen to my favorite Cliff Richard albums. Only kidding, I would never listen to anyone as uncool as Cliff. I prefer Des O’Connor.

There’s a reference only people of a certain age will get!

I know the range because I had to google “what is the range of AirPods” when my iPhone fell out of my pocket whilst jogging. My music stopped playing 30ft to 100ft later.

It happened at Holehead Radar station. A place I have previously written about I was there because it was a nice evening and I wanted a video of the sunset.

I searched for my iPhone but I couldn’t find it. I went home to borrow my wifes phone and I then drove back to look for mine. It was pitch dark and foggy by this point. I walked all the way to the top of the hill but just as I started looking for my iPhone, my wife’s phone died. The battery had gone flat.

So the next day I got up early and this time, with a fully charged phone, I was able to find it.

I’m pleased with the footage I shot but whenever I watch it I don’t feel the beauty of the sunset. I just feel the pain of nearly losing my iPhone and how sore my legs were after 3 trips in rapid succession.

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