Happy New Year (Iain)

Happy new year to everyone who reads this blog. A sentence I could shorten to “Hi Mum!”.

My ambition for 2017 is to be the fastest cyclist on Strava over the “Crow Road”, a famous Scottish hill climb just north of Glasgow.

I live very close to the start of the route so, on new year’s day, I got up early and headed out on the bike.

It was a beautiful morning. It was warm (for January 1st) and there was no wind. I didn’t see a soul or car until I was coming back down the hill and spotted another cyclist. I was about to say “happy new year” to him but he glared at me! I don’t think he was happy that he wasn’t the first up the Crow Road in 2017!

As soon as I got back home I uploaded my trip to Strava – and I’d achieved my goal! I’m the fastest cyclist on the “Crow Road” in 2017…as long as I don’t look at Strava again till 2018!