Races 2022 (Andrew)

Celman Solo Point Five

No long distance races for me this year. Not that there were any in 2020 or 2021 but I did train for Celtman in both those years and would have taken part in them then if it wasn’t for that pesky COVID closing swimming pools. This year I don’t want to commit to that level of training again so have picked a middle distance race as my main race this year. Even better, it’s a middle distance version of Celtman with the added benefit of a bike route that takes in the famous Beach Na Ba climb. I’m really looking forward to this one.

Cairngorm Ultra Trail

A departure and a long shot. I’ve entered an ultra race along with a friend from work. I don’t know how this one will go and whether I’ll even enjoy training for it. But it’s good to try and challenge yourself with races you’ve never attempted before.


Race Report: Kirkintilloch 12.5k 2022 (Andrew)Kirkintilloch 12.5k

Bucklyvie 10k

Loch Leven Half Marathon

And, when (and if they open for entries this year): the Hebridean Triathlon and the Forth Road Bridge 10k.

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