Race Report: Kirkintilloch 12.5k 2022 (Andrew)

12 hills in 12 kilometres

In 2002, ex-fireman Lloyd Scott took over five days to complete the London Marathon wearing a deep sea diving suit weighing an incredible 130lbs. I used to think he was crazy for taking on the marathon while dressed like a submarine but, after running the Kirkintilloch 12.5k on Sunday 13 February 2022, I’m just jealous.  I wish I I’d worn a diving suit while running through some of the puddles/newly formed lochs on the course.  The race was held in Marti Pellow weather: wet, wet, wet.

About the race:

The Kirkintilooch 12.5k is a hilly loop around the northern edge of Kirkintilloch. It’s held on quiet country roads except for one small section through a housing estate. Even though the roads are open, it feels like a closed road race, you only see a handful of cars.

This year was the fifteenth anniversary of the race, though only the 14th time it’s been held. That’s what a global pandemic does to anniversaries – it makes years disappear. The race number were also confused. The numbers had “2020” printed on them. So, the 15th anniversary was the 14th race run under the banner of 2020 in 2022.

About the course: 

The course is a loop with a challenging up and down profile of 12 hills in 12 kms.  You can find out more about the route here from our previous reports: here, here and here

How was it?

Did I mention it was wet? 

The problem with 12 hills is that you also have 12 ‘valleys’ and those valleys quickly filled with puddles so deep they could have been French philosophers. The rain didn’t stop, the water flowed down every hill and it was difficult to avoid the thought that there must be better ways to spend a Sunday morning than running outside in Kirkintilloch: maybe diving into a pit of snakes or brushing your teeth with a brillo pad or running a marathon while wearing a diving suit… all would be better options.

The other side to the rain was the cold that starts to seep through your body unless you keep your legs and arms pumping. All my fastest times in races have happened while it’s been raining. I think rain makes you run faster. Usain Bolt may have run the fastest time ever for the 100 metres but I bet you that Noah was a pretty decent sprinter too when the rain started to fall.

Should I run it?

Absolutely. It’s a great race, very well organised and, most years, relatively dry. But if it does rain then just bring your flippers and a snorkel.

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