2021 Report (Iain)

Every year I download an info-graphic of my Strava training stats from https://veloviewer.com/infographic

You can see last years here https://twinbikerun.com/2020/12/31/2020-report-iain/

This year I made it as far as Baku. I googled “interesting facts about Baku” and discovered Baku has more mud volcanoes than anywhere else in the world. Although, a mud volcano is not technically a proper volcano as it doesn’t produce Lava.

The aim for the year was to Celtrman. That didn’t happen due to my father passing away in the spring. He died on April 1st. He would have appreciated the irony of leaving us on Aprils fools day.

There was another big event in the family. My granny turned 100 and got her card from the Queen. This is the first time in western isles history the royal mail have successfully delivered a letter on time.

I’m not saying the Queen hates Scottish people but you can get a 100th birthday card from her in Welsh or English but when we asked for Gaelic she replied “Get to f**K Jocks! Know your place and bow down before me before I set Prince Andrew on you all”

I did complete a few races – dramathon, two triathlons and Toddman. Andrew is still claiming I cheated to win Toddman but I won fair and square https://twinbikerun.com/2021/09/08/toddman-2021-film-iain/

We wrote a book. We’ve not really mentioned it here 🙂 The aim was to sell 50 copies before xmas. I’m pleased to say we managed to sell nearly 60. Interstingly 99% of sales has been the paperback. I would have thought the ebook would be more popular as its cheaper and so many people have kindles. I was wrong. https://www.amazon.co.uk/DNF-Swimming-brothers-attempted-triathlon-ebook/dp/B09KTCL3G6

The main thing I learnt this year was that I’ve been eating Bananas incorrectly since for ever!

WTF – My mind is still blown by this….

Overall, I got through the year happy and injury free and I can’t ask more than that.

Happy New Year Everyone.

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