DNF – Released Nov 15th

DNF is available for pre-order here https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B09KTCL3G6

It will be released on Nov 15th.

Every one of our results tells a story, even the races we did not finish.

An extreme triathlon event challenges athletes to push their boundaries and be part of an unforgettable experience. Norseman is known among athletes as the most extreme triathlons in the world.

The race is point-to-point route starting with a four meter jump from a ferry into a fjord. Athletes then swim 3.8km to the beautiful town of Eidfjord, Athletes then cycle a 112 mile route which is very hilly and prone to bad weather. Finally, athletes run a marathon to the top of the 1850m peak of Gaustatoppen.

The race is limited to 250 competitors of which 160 finish at the mountain peak. The rest finish at the town below the summit. The originator of the event describes the race perfectly:

“I wanted to create a completely different race, make it a journey through the most beautiful nature of Norway, let the experience be more important than the finish time, and let the participants share their experience with family and friends, who will form their support. Let the race end on top of a mountain, to make it the toughest full distance triathlon on planet earth”

My twin brother and I watched a video on YouTube about the race. We were both instantly hooked. The race looked amazing.

My Brother and I grew up on an island in the Outer Hebrides. We regularly traveled by ferry to the mainland. It was a boring journey. I used to joke with my him,that one of us should jump off the ferry, just to add some excitement to the trip. Neither of realized that many years later we would both attempt to jump from a ferry,

There was only one problem with our dream. We had not swum since leaving school and we had never done a triathlon.

This is the story of how we tried to become Norsemen. It is a tale of 20 years of starting but not always finishing races.

The book is about the the joy of sport whether you come first or last.

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