Coronaversary (Iain)

One year ago, I left my office not knowing whether I’d ever be back. So I stole as much as I could. I made off with a laptop, a desktop, two monitors, a keyboard and a mouse.

I thought I’d be away for a long time but I returned two days later to pinch my chair.

Working at home for a year has been strange but not as strange as this analysts dress sense when he revelated a pandemic had been declared.

It was hard to take news seriously when it was delivered by a man who took style tips from Cruella Deville.

This was the first person I saw wear a mask. I found it quite unnerving. Not the mask. The fact he was wearing a t-shirt for The Rise of Skywalker . It is the worst film ever!

I think it is important even in the worst possible circumstance to keep a sense of humor about it. Otherwise it would be unrelentingly depressing.

I will celebrate my coranaversary in the same way, over the last year, that I have celebrated two mothers days, one Christmas, an Easter, three missed weddings and multiple birthday party’s. I’ll be in the house thinking of all the money I’ve saved!

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