Fastest Known Time – Fife Coastal Path (Iain)

There is an acronym in running called FKT – Fastest Known Time. It basically is exactly what it says. It is the fastest known time for a route. states a route qualifies for a FKT if

The route is notable and distinct enough so that others will be interested in repeating it.

The route may be of any distance or time duration

The route must not be used for a race.

Scotland has a few FKT’s, mostly on long distance walking routes or high level routes. For example, the John Muir Way is 215 km and it is recommended you takes 8-9 days to walk it. The FKT for the route is 21 hours 53 minutes. John Muir is famous for his quote: “The mountains are calling and I must go”. I feel that should be changed to: “The mountains are calling and I must go… at full speed whilst being tracked by GPS and two witnesses otherwise it won’t count as an FKT.”

The Fife Coastal Path is 187 km and the FKT is just over 14 hours. I started walking the Fife Coastal path in 2011. In the nine years since then I have only walked half of it. I’m on course for a WKT – worst known time!

Maybe I’d be quicker if I did not stop in St Andrews for a fudge Donut.

I’d much rather have a WKT than a FKT. A WKT says that I took my time and enjoyed a run. I savored every view, I walked or stopped when I felt like it. A WKT is a sign I enjoy running for what it really is – time outside. It is nothing more than that. So, forget records, speed and distance and just enjoy the outdoors.

Addendum – I will one day finish the Fife Coastal path but at my current rate of progress it looks like it will be in the year 2035.

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