How to Run 100 Miles in Seven Days – Day 7 (Iain)

There are a number of recurring themes in this blog – poor grammar from me, dull stories from Andrew and an epic quest to be the fastest Todd up the Stornoway War Memorial.

You can read about it here.

I was the fastest until Andrew beat my record but now we are both slower than a local runner. His time looks difficult to beat.

I wasn’t going to beat that this week especially on the last run of my 100 mile week but I could do something else….I could become a LEGEND!

The Strava ‘Local Legend’ achievement is awarded to the athlete who completes a given segment the most over a rolling 90-day period regardless of pace or speed.

This is one I could win! All I had to do was run the war memorial segment enough times to get it. I also needed 8.8 miles to complete my 100. So I decided I’d run the segment again and again until I became a LEGEND!

I managed 10 times which added to a couple of others over the last 90 days put me into an unassailable position.

Andrew took the news well

101 miles done. I had to add on 1 to walk home from the War Memorial.

Overall time was 18 hours 17 minutes. Elevation was 3,324 meters.

Now time for a rest!

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