How to Run 100 miles in Seven Days – Day 5 (Iain)

Run 5 complete – 17 miles. Only 20.5 miles to go!

After day 4’s hard run I decided to something a bit easier. So it was back to plodding around Stornoway. No hills, no trail, no fun!

It wasn’t too bad, I ran to the nearest beach which is also one of the most scenic graveyards on the island. Which is probably not something the tourist board will mention but it should. Lewis has amazing graveyards.

But it would help if graveyards had maps. The previous time I was home I spent thirty minutes wandering about trying to find a “Mackenzie with a fancy headstone” as that was the only info mum had!!

Lewis and Harris is famous for its wildlife. I spotted a deer and a golden eagle.

Overall I’m feeling good and I’ve built in enough leeway to the distance covered so that I can do two shorter runs to finish.

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