The Bonnie Gardener (Iain)

One of the joys of lockdown has been the opportunity to spend time at home. So much time at home. So, so much time… PLEASE HELP. MAKE IT STOP! LET ME GO!!!

Sorry. I’ll start again.

One of the joys of lockdown has been the opportunity to learn new skills. Some people learn a language; some people learn to play a musical instrument; I thought it would fun to learn how to become a YouTube sensation.

There was only one problem. I’m not very interesting! I wouldn’t want to watch a show about me so why would anyone else?

Instead I convinced my wife to be the star. She runs a successful gardening business and loves plants, nature and the outdoors. I told her I’d be her Svengali. Thankfully she was unaware of what the term meant.

We decided to make ten shows because that is how many Game Of Thrones made in their first season and it became the biggest show in the world. Game of Thrones killed off its main star in its last episode. You will have to watch to see if we did the same.

I recommend watching episode one and then episode 10. It shows you how much progress we made in ten weeks.

Episode 1:

Episode 10:

I’ll write a blog about how we filmed it and what we learnt. It was an interesting experience. Doing it every week required more discipline than following any race training plan!

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