Celtman Training – March (Iain)

It rained virtually every day in February. It was an awful, miserable month where training outside was almost impossible. At the end of February I thought, “surely March will be better?”

And then, March arrived. It’s fair to say that I am now looking back at February as a golden age of training.

At the start of the March, I worked in an office managing a team of eight. I’m now work at home wondering if any of my team are doing any work. My only interaction with them is via video conference calls. I now know more about the inside of their houses than I ever wanted to know.

At the start of the month, I was fit and healthy but most of this month has been spent ill. I picked up a flu bug that I found very difficult to shift. It left me run down for longer than usual. Thankfully, I feel much better now and I am nearly back to full health.

At the start of the month I bought a five player board game. It’s fair to say I won’t be playing it any time soon. Also my car’s MOT was due. I got it done the day before the government allowed a six month extension to all MOT’s expiring. D’oh!

At the start of the month, I was looking forward to race season. Now, I have no races. Every single event I had planned to do has been cancelled or postponed. Which in the great scheme of things doesn’t matter. It saves me from writing a Celtman training update every month.

Who knows what this month brings. All I can do is follow the government advice. Stay home, Protect the NHS, Save lives. Luckily I live out in the country so I have some great walks next to my house. I’ve already discovered lots of new routes on my doorstep.

I wish everyone good health and I look forward to getting back out training later in the year.

Some pics from March.