Board Games (Iain)

I previously wrote about board games here.

Since writing the blog I discovered that one of the guys I play with is a European champion. No wonder he wins all the games we play. It’s like playing five a-side football and discovering the quiet wee chap who scores all the goals is actually Lional Messi.

He is very good at board games – my mate. Not Lional Messi. I’m sure Messi has better things to do than challenge his team mates to a game of Trivial Pursuit.

My mate has a a room in his house dedicated to games. If I had a room in my house devoted to games I’d write “Sex Dungeon” on it because it would be too embarrassing to write “Board Gaming Room.”

He has spent over £1,000 on just one game! Yes – you read that correctly. £1,000 on just on just one game. He will kick himself when he discovers how many copies of Monopoly he could have for that amount.

Over the last few months I’ve learnt there are different types of games:

Co-operative games – which are exactly what they sound like. Games where you co-operate with other players to complete a goal.

Combat games – similarly it does exactly what it says on the tin. Players fight each other.

Area Control – a game where you have to take over and contol parts of the board.

Euro game – A game with a set number of rounds and a strong theme usually involving a board and cards.

Economy Games – encourage players to develop and manage a system of production, distribution, trade, and/or consumption of goods. The games usually simulate a market in some way. They are usually very boring but some people love them!

RPG Games – Games where you play a campaign. Each time you play you progress the story and your character.

I’ll list some examples of games I’ve enjoyed (and the one I didn’t) in a future blog.