Swimming Dilemma (Iain)

This morning I swam in a lane next to a another swimmer. They were swimming at a good pace (1.40 min per 100m) and they had a water bottle from a local triathlon club. They were obviously not just a recreational swimmer.

As I swam alongside, I noticed that from above the water their stroke was excellent but below the water it looked very strange.

I couldn’t work out what it was. It just looked strange. As I swam a few more lengths I suddenly realised what it was. Their was no catch. THe hand would go into the water and would barely drag it back before lifting it straight back out again.

So this is the dilema – would you mention it to them?

Yes – I would but here’s the catch…(pardon the pun)…the swimmer was a woman.

If I pointed it out would I be accused of mansplaining.

I was so worried about this I decided to keep my opinion to myself.

The thing is – If it was a man who had been swimming then I would have mentioned it without even thinking whether I should or not!