University – Part 2 (Iain)

Do you remember your first time?

Were you nervous? I bet you worked up a sweat but you didn’t last long.

Did lots of people see you do it?

I’m talking about your first run. What do you think I was talking about?

I used to run at the gym. I would do ten minutes on the rowing machine, ten minutes on a bike and then a ten-minute run.

Which too me seemed like allot of exercise. Nowadays it sounds like a warm-up session. I remember going on a date and I was asked me what I liked to do for fun. I replied that I went to the gym.

She laughed at me and said “You go to the gym?” in a tone that can only be described as very, very doubtful!

I felt really embarrassed. Why did she think I don’t go to the Gym? I did 10 minutes on each machine! I bet that was 10 minutes more than most people.

So I vowed I would try to do more than 10 minutes but there was one problem. I got very bored in the gym. I struggled to do the ten minutes on the machines let alone try for more.

I decided to run outside instead. I lived next to a park. I vowed to run round the park. So on a sunny spring day I changed into my running gear in my flat and then procrastinated about leaving.

What if anyone I know sees me? They will point and laugh. I bet even people who don’t know me will say “look at that man trying to run. Doesn’t he look funny”

I put my clothes back on and didn’t run that day.

The next day I tried again but this time I decided to run at night. That way no one would see me.

I made it to the front door…after 30 minutes of my brain trying to convince me not to go running.

I stepped outside. I didn’t know what to do. Should I start running immediately. Should I go fast, should I go slow. Where will I run to?

I don’t remember much about the run other than I tried to avoid seeing people. Which is pretty easy in a park in the dark. Most people see a 6ft 1 inch man running towards them and avoid me rather than me having to avoid them.