Great gigs: Oasis – Irvine – 1995 (Iain)

Have you ever gone deaf? Have you ever experienced ringing in your ears so loud it feels like your head is an alarm clock? Have you ever seen Oasis play live?

I’ve seen Oasis. They were the first gig I ever attended. It was 1995 in Irvine and it cost me £12.50. Nowadays some concerts charge that for a pint of beer.

Oasis where not the first musical act to visit the Ayrshire coast. Elvis Presley’s only UK visit occurred when his plane landed near to Irvine at Prestwick Airport. He did not get out of his plane. Do you want to know how bad Prestwick Airport is? Even Ryanair has stopped flying from there. No wonder Elvis stayed on the plane.

I went with Andrew to the gig. It was one of our first trips by ourselves away from home. I remember standing outside the tent. I was as excited as I was terrified. Thoughts rushing round my mind – “Will they play Live Forever? Will I get crushed in the mosh pit? How will I get home? Do I look cool with my Liam haircut?”

The answer to the last question was 100% no. Thankfully, the 1990’s are an era I have very few photos of as the word had not yet invented “selfies” or “doing it for the gram.” I have no record of my dubious haircuts or fashion decisions.

The last thing I said to Andrew before going into the tent was “Stay together but if we get separated meet me at entrance.”

We headed into the tent. These days when I attend a concert I want a comfy seat, a good view and an interval at half time so I can go for a lie down. Back then all we wanted was to be right at the front of the stage so I could jump, sing and go deaf due to being too close to the speakers.

We managed to stay together…until the music started. The crowd started moshing, Andrew was dragged off to my left and I found myself spinning round in a circle in the middle of the tent.

This was amazing. My mind was blown and so were my ear drums due to the noise.

I cannot remember anything of the gig after this point. Which means it must have been good!

A review of the gig

Afterward I waited for Andrew at the entrance. He didn’t turn up. This worried me. Not because I was worried about him but because he was the one who knew how to get home. I was also worried because I couldn’t hear properly. There was an incessant ringing noise in my head drowning all other noises out.

I waited as long as I could but eventually had to run to catch the last train to Glasgow. Thankfully someone showed me the way to the train station. I got there just in time. I jumped on the first carriage that had space in it. I sat on the only empty chair on the carriage. I turned to see who I was sitting next to – it was Andrew!

“ALLRIGHT?” He shouted. In the manner of a man who couldn’t hear himself properly due to deafness.

“PARDON!” I said. Not being sure what he said due to the ringing in my ears.

It was three days later before we could properly hear each other.

It didn’t stop us going to concerts and as its the off season for racing I’m going to recall some of the good, the bad and the I can’t actually believe I paid money to see Brittney Spears gigs.


Aug 4th 1996 – Loch Lomond – Great show despite crowd issues.
Jan 21st 1996 – Ingliston Showground – Terrible Show.
April 26th 1996 – Maine Road- Best gig I ever saw them do
Dec 14 2005 -SECC – Terrible show.
Nov 13 2002 – Braehead Arena – The best I’ve heard Liam sing.

When the were great they were GREAT but when they off form….oh dear.

Oasis gigs I can remember attending. There might be others that I’ve forgotten about.