Yoga in Goa – Part 2 (Iain)

One of the yoga workshops in Goa was called “Ecstatic Dance”. Now you might think the class sounds like something I wouldn’t normally attend but I’m as open minded as the next man…if the next man is an uptight British man who can’t imagine anything worse than a dance class! Despite this I gave it a try.

During the class the tutor said:

“Stand with your eyes closed. Imagine you’re standing in front of yourself. Imagine that self is a better version of you. Now step into yourself and feel how you move. Move in any way you like. Feel how your arms move. Your legs move. Your whole body moves.”

Now watch this clip of Peep Show.

I was the Mark of the class!

As everyone else moved I stood still. As people contemplated their better selves. I contemplated what I was going to have for dinner.

It was a great class. Expertly enabled by the tutor but I was too British to enjoy it.

At the end of the class everyone hugged. Some cried. I offered a handshake and a: “Well done. Let’s never talk about this ever again”