What do they drink in the Congo? (Iain)


I’ve used https://veloviewer.com/ to created an infograph of my biking, based on my Strava stats

This year I cycled far enough to reach the Congo!

I don’t know much about the Congo so I checked the Foreign Office to find out more. The official guidelines states:

“The security situation remains unstable. The continued presence of armed groups, military operations against them, intercommunal violence and an influx of refugees from neighbouring countries all contribute to a deterioration in the political, security and humanitarian situation. There are continued reports of kidnappings…”

But then I remembered a song from my childhood.

“Way down deep in the middle of the Congo,
A hippo took an apricot, a guava and a mango.
He stuck it with the others and he danced a dainty tango.
The rhino said, “I know… we’ll call it Um Bongo!”
Um Bongo, Um Bongo, they drink it in the Congo!
The python picked the passion-fruit, The marmoset the mandarine, the parrot painted packets that the whole caboodle landed in.
So when it comes to sun and fun and goodness in the jungle, they all prefer the sunny, funny one they call Um Bongo!”

I’m glad my year (virtual) cycling has taken me to the Congo. I can, at last, answer a question I’ve had since childhood. “Do people really drink Um Bongo in the Congo?”