31 Day Challenge – Day 27 (Andrew)

As a challenge, I’m going to run, bike or swim every day in January.

Day Twenty Seven

‘The 7 Ps’ is a British Army adage for Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. I might not be at war this month but I’ve got to agree with the army as today was “Piss Poor Performance” and it was all done to a lack of “Proper Planning.”

I had aimed to swim at lunchtime but, when I checked my bag, I’d forgotten to pack my membership card. Without the card, I couldn’t swim. And, having missed the morning and with another evening of walking the dog, having tea and entertaining an infant, it was 9:30 again before I could do anything – and with it being late, it was another evening of doing the bare minimum to meet the challenge.

How was it? I’ve sweated more sitting next to a radiator than sitting on the bike tonight. I should maybe introduce a new rule to the challenge – whatever you do, it must require you to at least make as much effort to require a shower afterwards.

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