31 Day Challenge – Day 26 (Andrew)

As a challenge, I’m going to run, bike or swim every day in January.

Day Twenty Six

One of my worries about trying this challenge is that without rest I could be more at risk of injury. So far, apart from some minor niggles, I’ve been fine… until today…

You’ve probably heard of parkour, where you combine running with jumping and climbing. You may have seen James Bond demonstrate it by running up a crane in Casino Royale. It looks cool. People who do it are cool. It’s generally a ‘cool’ thing to do…. until you try it on a wet wall in Larbert.

I admit, I was an idiot and could have used a gate instead. But, no, I saw a low wall and thought I could jump on it and keep running without stopping for the gate.

I jumped. I planted my foot on the top of the wall. I thought how cool must I look to the three smokers watching from under a nearby tree and then…

… the wall was wet, my trainers have no grip, and I was somersaulting along the ground having tripped and stumbled and tumbled.

“Are you okay?” someone asked.

I leapt up and kept running.

“Aye, all okay!” I shouted.

But I couldn’t help thinking I was no longer cool as no one looks cool with a bloody knee and a large mud patch on their bum.

How was it? I forgot my running jacket so had to run in just a t-shirt, which was brave for January. Trying to keep warm in the first miles distracted me from thinking about the running, while carrying on my new challenge to run every street in Larbert kept me distracted for the rest of the run.

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