31 Day Challenge – Day 22 (Andrew)

As a challenge, I’m going to run, bike or swim every day in January.

Day Twenty Two

My wife wants to use my indoor bike for some virtual spin classes so I set her up with a free subscription to the Peloton app to see if she would like it. Today, for a change, I tried a 45 minutes pre-recorded class with an instructor who was so American that all I can say is “Yea haw, yankee doodle dandy, Joe Biden stole the US election!”. I think it may need some good Scottish instructors. Like the one who, halfway through a Yoga class, mused “I’d love a Gregg’s sausage roll right now”

I can’t imagine anyone in Peloton having a pasty. The most they might say is “Who’d love a carrot baton, right now? Mmmmmm, hummus dip and celery!”

Also, I’ve have not heard the N word used so often in a playlist. I wasn’t sure if I was in spin class or a KKK Sunday cycle.

It was not for me. But, as a change, it worked. the class passed quickly as the instructor shouted nonsensical motivational phrases like “We’re not going anywhere today but hot damn you’re going to go far!!!!”

How was it? A tricky one to judge as the Peloton app only allows you to connect to a Peloton bike, not to any other bike. Instead, I had to open an app for the bike and then the Peloton app. But Apple doesn’t allow split screen for both so I had to flick between the two to see my cadence and resistance. I just had to guess how fast or slow or hard or easy I was to take it.

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