Books 2021 (Andrew)

We started a book club at work. The first book was ‘The Book Club’, a book about a book club targeted by a murderer. I wasn’t sure if I was joining a like minded group of literary enthusiasts or getting a big hint about what someone really thought about us.

The Book Club was crap, the murderer’s motive was to get revenge after they had to walk up stairs while their intended victim had stopped the lift for rumpy puppy with an office affair. All I could think about was office layout. How many floors do you need to have in your office to have a single lift which would still make sense to walk the stairs and not just wait for it to be fixed? Twenty floor would be too many floors to walk. But would 10? What about five? But would you stop a lift for five floors to get frisky? The rest of the book didn’t make sense but when the foundations of your story rely on modern office design, I’m not sure you have a great story to begin with.

Maybe it should have just embraced the illogicalities of it all. Just like my book of the year ‘The KLF: Chaos, Magic and the Band who Burned a Million Pounds’ by John Higgs. A book that confirms that when the band, the KLF, burned one million pounds in the early 1990s, it was the culmination of a series of event linking the anti-christ Alastair Crowley, the illuminati and the quest to write the best pop song ever written. Or it might just because they were dicks who didn’t know what they were doing. And the difference between these stories makes a fascinating read, whether you know anything about the KLF or not.

Buy it here: Amazon

Honourable mentions: Did I mention we have a book out? ‘DNF: Did Not Finish’? I think we might have mentioned it at least once…

The problem with releasing a book, and this year we also had ‘The Sound of Football’, is that it doesn’t give much time to read anything else as I must have read both of these at least twenty times, and some parts even more. So, the fact I’m still recommending them must say something about good they are? đŸ™‚

Buy DNF here: Amazon

Buy The Sound of Football here: Amazon

And if you’re looking for non-TwinBikeRun reccomendations then I’d point you in the direction of Robert Galbraith’s ‘Troubled Blood’ for a novel by a woman who pretends to be a man but is hated because she has strong views about men who want to be woman, Louis Sachar’s ‘Holes’ for the chapter about the onions and Peter Bill’s ‘Planet Property’ if you want to read a good book about property.

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