Outdoor Swim Review – Findhorn Bay

I’d planned to swim on Findhorn Beach, but six foot high rollers and a dozen birdwatchers changed my mind. While the fierce waves gave me second thoughts about venturing out into the water, the thought that risking swimming in those conditions would be captured by a dozen twitchers with foot-long zoom lenses ready to take a photo of my imminent demise was more than I could take.

Not that the birdwatchers were that interested in being there. When I saw them gather, I asked one of them. “Are you here to see anything in particular?”

He just shrugged and said “just some boring migrating birds.”

I wasn’t sure whether to be impressed by his disdain for his own hobby or to be saddened by the fact he was standing on a beach in November and didn’t even want to be there.

I did want to be there though having spent the day driving north from Glasgow and looking forward to a quick swim at the end of my journey. After going to the beach, I decided to drive to the south bank of Findhorn instead and swim in the sheltered bay beside the town. I wondered if it would be too public a spot for swimming. I was parking on the ‘Main Street’ and would be changing in front of people’s homes.

I shouldn’t have worried. While I was parking two others arrived to swim too and, when I went down to the water, another was already swimming. I shouldn’t have been worried about whether to swim. Instead I should have been worried about finding a space to swim.

Ease of Access: https://goo.gl/maps/vkcjfRm5cx6dYWt7A Park on the left hand side as near as you can to the Kimberley Inn.

Water quality: Shallow at the edge of the bay in high tide. Clear water and very calm even when the beach itself is not.

Swim Quality: Very good. Just watch out for trailing ropes between the shore and boats in the bay.

Other People: You’re swimming right beside a street with homes and two bars so expect company.

Would I go back: Yes. It wouldn’t be my first choice for a long swim but it was great for a short safe swim.

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