End of month report – January (Andrew)

Training begins… again!

My cough/cold/ebola/brain tumour/man flu has started to fade and it’s time to start training again. After a successful thee (yes, three!) whole days of training two weeks ago it’s probably wise  to avoid jumping back in at the same level. Instead, to make sure that I’m not going to start coughing all over again, I’m going to start with the three T’s: turbo, treadmill and t’swimming (which is what someone form Yorkshire would call it).

Once I’ve got a few days without a reaction I’ll start my training program again from where I stopped. Fingers crossed this should ease my back in and see me right for the rest of the month.

January report:

[cough] [cough] best glossed over [cough] [cough]

February goals:

Onwards and upwards!