TurboFlix (Andrew)


Another week without a bike ride outside. I should look at the relentless rain and frosty mornings as ideal preparation for Norseman but, call me a wimp, but I’d much rather sit on the turbo trainer in a warm room and watch telly than spend 90 minutes shivering and looking out for ice patches to break my neck on.

You’re a wimp!

A wimp with an intact neck and fully functioning arms and legs.

Fair point.

So, instead of cycling round Glasgow, I’ve been watching:

  • Uncanny Kimmy Schmitt
  • Brooklyn 99
  • The Wolf of Wall Street
  • Soccer Saturday
  • Smashie & Nicie’s End of an Era (available on YouTube)
  • And, the best of the lot this week, The Legend of Old Gregg episode of the Mighty Boosh.

While I know I should be watching a Sufferfest video and making myself “SUFFER!”,  I’d rather make myself laugh. And, with most sitcoms being 22 minutes, I can pick a variety of programmes to watch while on the Turbo to keep myself entertained while I try and keep a constant speed. In a few weeks, I’ll move to a more structured training but, for the moment, long steady sessions are helping me adjust to time on the bike and keeping a constant effort, at least that’s what I tell myself.

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