(Not A) Race Report from the Loch Leven Half Marathon 2023 (Andrew)

My throat is not the most important part of my body, when it comes to racing.

I’d pick my feet first, then legs, then arms and hands to pick up any water as I run. If I have feet, arms and legs, then I have the basics to be a runner because I never really think about the other parts of my body, except when they hurt. 

Over April and May, I couldn’t call myself a runner as I, unlike Danial Day Lewis, didn’t have a left foot. See last week’s entry. But, as my foot healed, I was looking forward to running the Loch Leven Half Marathon last weekend. It’s one of my favourite races and I’ve covered it before here and here

This year, in the run up, I was able to test my foot and, with no reaction, I was hopeful of running it again. 

Except my throat gave in. 

And, while I know, in theory, a throat is a vital part of running – and of living! – as we need to breathe through it; it’s not a part of my body I give much thought to when preparing to race. Perhaps, I should have. Last week, I had a niggly cold, decided that there’s nothing wrong with some outdoor swimming, and managed to swap a cold for a full on Vin Diesel impression (minus the baldy head, my hair didn’t fall out). 

So, for this year’s race report, I offer a spectator’s view only as Iain TwinBikeRun took part and I gave him a lift to the start.

And my report is one which can be summed up as: Kinross has a very nice EV charger. This year the race was held on closed road so it wasn’t possible to view the race while it was on. I charged my car instead in a park and ride. In terms of EV charging then I would give the Loch Leven Half Marathon 10 out 10. And in terms of starring in Fast & The Furious, I’d give my voice 10 out of 10. But, in terms of racing, I’d give my race 1 out of 10 and I look forward to coming back next year with a properly working set of feet, legs, arms and throat. 

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