31 Day Stretching Challenge – Day 6 (Andrew)

Six days of stretching and I still don’t know if I’m doing it right. Stretching should be easy, right? It’s just reaching with attitude. Or relaxing on purpose. I can reach. I can relax. So, why can’t I stretch?

I think part of the problem is that I find it difficult to work out what I’m doing. The instructions on the video will say “left” and I think “right”. If the instructor says raise leg leg, I’m raising my right. I don’t think I’m an idiot, so we can rule out a lack of any ability to follow basic instructions. Instead I think it’s the way most videos are filmed. When someone says “left” and are facing the camera, they raise their arm on the right hand side of the screen. Now some people may say that “yes, Andrew, you are an idiot as they are clearly raising their left arm” but, for me, it throws me off everytime. There should be an option, like computer games, to reverse the controls. Two videos. One where the instructor says “left” and the other where they say “right” even though they’re doing the same move.

Equally, if we’re talking about making the perfect introductory YouTube video for stretching, why are they all made by people who are really, really bendy? I don’t look like they do. I can’t lower my head beneath my foot while extending my arms above my head while balanced only a single buttock. But they can. And they do. I want to see someone struggle to bend. I want to see me on my screen. So, instead of ‘Yoga with Adrienne’ what about ‘Yoga with Adrienne and Andrew’? I could stand beside her and when she moves smoothly through more bends than a slinky, I struggle to pat my head while rubbing my belly.

And, if any YouTubers are reading this, just think about how much money you would make as you could release three videos instead of one? One left, one righty, one with a numpty. Same moves, three videos. Easy.

Next up on my thirty day of stretching I’m going to try a fitness app.

And, on day six, am I feeling any different? Possibly. Maybe. Still too early to tell. I want to reduce tightness in my right hip and I think it has improved. But after only few days it’s too early to tell.

Day 6 Videos

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