Music 2022 (Andrew)

In previous years I’ve picked some of my favourite songs. This year I’ve decided to pick albums, playlists and artists as I think that’s a better reflection of how I actually listen to music.

Playlist – Phonk on Spotify

If I was to ever hijack a car and joyride around Moscow while being chased by the police then I’d definitely play ‘Phonk’ – a sub-genre of Russian dance music.

Album – The Blue Hour by Suede

I loved Dog Man Star, it’s one of my favourite ever albums. But, this might be better. Released a few years ago but I only listened to it this year because… well… who listens to new music by Britpop era band? A new Shed Seven album? No thanks! But, this and Suede’s new album ‘Autofiction’ are simply great albums. And this in particular could be their best.

Album – Skinty Fia by Fontaines DC

Speaking of the 90s, one of the great bands that nobody bought was Dublin’s ‘Whipping Boy’. Their album ‘Heartburn’ is also one of my favourites. And, if they were still around today, I could image them making Skinty Fia.

Artist – Taylor Swift

I love you, Taylor!

Honourable mentions: Yard Act, Gretel Hanlyn, Clipping, Confidence Man and LYR.

And, ’cause I can’t resist a track of the year (or two):

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