31 Day Challenge – Day 19 (Andrew)

As a challenge, I’m going to run, bike or swim every day in January.

Day Nineteen

The hardest day. Not in effort. But in trying to find the time to fit anything in. I have work, after work meetings, a dog to walk and a toddler to entertain so the only choice was to try and fit a swim in before work. I could have got up earlier but this is a challenge to run, bike or swim every day and not a challenge to get up early in the morning. That would be mental! 🙂

How was it? Still tired but my pace shows that it’s not through physical effort, as while I felt tired I was still keeping a decent pace for me, but rather the mental fatigue of 19 days in a row. Today’s swim was helped by having water leaking into my goggles and having to stop at the end of a length to adjust them. I soon lost track of how many laps I had swam and ended up swimming 1k when I thought I was at 750m.

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