Films 2016ish (when I watched them not when they were out) (Andrew)

A break from normal service… 🙂

Fake news. Post-truth. Just as the real world becomes a work of fiction so our works of fiction have become obsessed with reality.

Take Oscar nominated films: Spotlight was based on a true story; The Big Short was based on a true story; The Revenant was based on a true story; and Bridge of Spies was based on a true story (though not an actual Bridge of Spies, it was made of iron, not double agents).

Even The Martian, a film about a man on Mars, loudly proclaimed how real it was – “It’s exactly what would happen!” – as it showed exactly what would happen to a botanist on Mars left with just a greenhouse, some seeds and book called “What To Do If You’re A Botanist Trapped On Mars With Just A Greenhouse And Some Seeds”, which was handy, and realistic. While one of the best reviewed UK films was I, Daniel Blake. A poignant and realistic film about a man filling in a form. If this trend continues, I can’t wait to see the latest Transformers film next year: I, Optimus Prime, a film about a giant flying robot truck applying for disability allowance in Sunderland because it can’t find a job as an industrial welder. I’d pay to see that.

But, as films became more realistic, and, let’s face it, more boring. Spotlight: a two hour film about paperwork. The Revenant: a two and half hour film about it being bloody cold out there when it snows. Bridge of Spies: A two hour film about paperwork and it being bloody cold out there when it snows. Zzzzzzzzz. My favorite film this year is one of pure escapism instead. My favorite was the fantastic half film half musical Sing Street; about a boy starting a band in Ireland during the 80s just to impress a girl. Great songs, great story and the best/daftest escape plan in movie history as two characters recreate Dunkirk with nothing but a dream, a boat and Boy George’s eyeliner. Loved it! Go and watch it now! Go on, go on, go on, go on!

Honorable mentions:
Central Intelligence, Mistress America, Ex Machina, Inside Out, Civil War, Whiplash, Force Majeure, Pride, When We’re Young, Cinderella, Wiener and Midnight Special