Welcome to my PAIN CAVE!!!! (Andrew)

Do you know what I love? Pain!

First thing in the morning, I just can’t wait to get me some of that old pain. At breakfast, I have pain with my cornflakes, pain with my toast, and, sometime, I even have pain with my yogurt – or youHURT as I call it.

At lunch, more pain. Go for a run. Bring my shorts, my shoes, bring my fruit based music device  but, most of all, bring the pain!

Then, when I go home, I like nothing better than putting my feet up with a nice relaxing mug of PAIN!

Pain, I love it.

Of course not. This is silly. No one likes pain. It’s, well, painful. And it hurts. And it’s sore. And do you know what I really, really love – not being in pain, that’s what I love.

Yet, as triathletes and cyclists you hear people calling their turbo set-ups their “Pain cave”.  Just going to “pain cave”, they’ll say. “Big session in the pain cave” last night.


I, on the other hand, don’t want to retreat to my pain cave, instead I want to give it a name that will make me want to go back on the Turbo again and again. That’s why I’d like to introduce you to my cuddle closet. It’s a small room, it has a computer, a desk, a bookcase, and a bike set up on a turbo. It’s where I go when I want to feel warm and happy like a cuddle. It’s my cuddle closet and it’s definitely not my pain cave.

If cuddle closet doesn’t suit you, other names are available. May I also suggest:

  • Fungeon aka fun dungeon;
  • The Ghetto Way For An Hour;
  • The Happy Place;
  • The Sweat Suite;
  • Or, if you really must bring the pain, the I’m Pushing Myself But This Is Just Mild Discomfort Cave.