Being A Norseman (Andrew)

Last night I watched ‘Being A Norseman’, a documentary by a Christian Wulff, a participant in the 2011 Norseman. In it he shows and shares, via GoPro footage, his race from his perspective. We see him jump from the ferry, climb the mountains, run along the lake and battle to the finish line.

It was strange to watch it and think that in less than two weeks time I’ll be doing exactly the same thing. On one hand it was good to actually see some of the challenges ahead. I now know that Zombie hill is not a recreation of that scence in World War Z where a zombie breaches the walls of Jerusalem by running up a mountain of other zombies. It’s a road. A very, very steep road.

It was also good to see the finish as I’m not convinced I’ll be in the first 160 participants who’ll get the right to climb to it. I know I’m fitter than last year’s Iron Man UK but I don’t know if that translates to being in the top 160. It would be good to finish on the mountain but I know it would just be good to finish, wherever it might be.

The only thing missing from the documentary was a more detailed look at his training. Wulf…. spoiler alert…. look away now…

… finished in the top 100 participants. However, he only mentions training to say that he needed swimming lessons and that he only started running in May because of a knee operation. I’d have liked to know how he worked around that and managed to adjust his training to cope.

I’d recommend the documentary, if you can find it. It was on ‘Bike’ channel in the darkest recesses of Sky, while the full documentary doesn’t appear to be online though I’ve found the following trailer for it.

Trailer: Vimeo