Piece of cake (Andrew)

If you gave me a choice between money or power I’d choose cake every time. I love cake – and chocolate and sugar and sweets.

I know that part of training involves eating healthily but the thought of a sliced cucumber after 90 minutes on a turbo is as enticing as, well, a sliced cucumber. I want a Mars Bars, a Twix, a Battenberg cake or, better yet, a ring donut with extra sugar sprinkled on top. Rewards should be rewarding.

But one of the dangers of training is the idea that just because you’ve sat on a bike for a bit means that you can then eat whatever you want, and how much you want. Going out for a run is not a licence to eat an entire packets of Custard Creams.

That’s why I start keeping track of my weight when I start training. I’m not someone who thinks about their weight; I don’t overeat; I have proper cooked from scratch meals most nights; I rarely drink and I don’t smoke. But give me a Mars Bar after running and I’ll eat it – and the Rocky biscuits in the cupboard and the pudding in the fridge.

So, as part of my training for Norseman I’ll keep track of my weight to make sure that I’m not losing everything I’m gaining by gaining more than I’m losing. It’ll be a piece of cake. Or not cake. A piece of cucumber (covered in cake).

Current weight: 12 stone 4 pounds.

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